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About Pokie Odds

Online casino lobby for online pokies While the of hitting a life changing jackpot may be astronomical, you don't have to avoid all progressive video online pokie games. As long as you know what to expect and have some realistic expectations you can give them a shot and have a good chance of making a healthy return. There are also some progressive pokie machines that are better than others if you want to hit the jackpot.

Players often ask how many coins they should play in a pokie machine. This is somewhat of a personal decision you should make based on the amount of money you have brought with you to the casino to play slots with. The only hard fast rule you should follow is "Always play full coins in a Progressive pokie Machine." If you don't have maximum coins in and you hit the winning symbols you will not get the Jackpot. So always play full coins on the progressive.

One thing to take into consideration when deciding whether to play video pokie or reel pokie at any is the return on a single spin. On a reel pokie machine when you do have a hit you get at least your money back for that spin your money back. This may not be the case with a video pokie. You might have one line that is a winner and pays three coins but you lose on the other eight lines. It cost you nine coins for the spin and you only get three so you are still out six coins for that spin.

History of Pokies Machines

How to win on pokies has been a question since the game was invented, in the late 19th century. Everybody will agree that the results of pulling the lever is a matter of luck, yet we've all tried to pull it in different ways, changing hands or using more or less force while activating the pokie in the hope to influence the outcome. In the 1960s the first electronic pokie machines appeared, leading the way to buttons and screens instead of the classic lever and wheels. This change took away the illusion that how you activate the lever can have impact on the machine. It also made it possible to add wheels, thus adding combinations and chances to win big money. Players kept dreaming about how to win on pokies which is what made this game so wildly popular. In Australia, pokies are available in every casino, as well as many pubs and clubs around the country. The introduction of the computerized version came in the late 1990s. For the first time, all it took to play was a computer connection and some credit in your online account.

Electric Pokie Machine Online pokies are operated by a complicated program called the "Random Number Generator" known more simply as RNG.

Over the years this very sophisticated program evolved greatly and nowadays the best online casinos use the fifth generation RNG. We keep a constant eye on the version of the software in each online casino we present to make sure that our explanations of how to win on pokies match their system.

The RNG application is tested and analyzed thousands of times before it is put in use. You should only trust online casinos with seals of approval by the local gaming commission of the country where they're established. These seals are typically located at the bottom on the main page of their websites.

The chances to win at your computer are similar to odds on their older, mechanical predecessors but because the games are operated online, the cost is lower than in brick and mortar casinos, which allows online casinos to offer much larger prizes. Thanks to all these changes and our careful selection of websites you have the best odds and highest chances to win huge prizes by following our advice on how to win on pokies.

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